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—compiled by Geejay Arriola and Remé Grefalda




Lam-ang, Labaw Donggon and Bantugan
by Mig Alvarez Enriquez
Copyright 1983
New Day Publishers, Quezon City

GONGS AND BAMBOO A Panorama of Philippine Music Instruments

by José Maceda
Copyright 1998
Published by the University of the Philippines Press in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture
and the Arts


PANGALAY Traditional Dances and Related Folk Artistic Expressions
by Ligaya Fernando Amilbangsa
Copyright 1983
Published by Filipinas Foundation, Inc.

"Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero: The Dramatist as Critic of Contemporary Philippine Society."
by Corinta G. Barranco
Copyright 1972
Master of Arts Thesis, University of Santo Tomas

CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art. Volume 7: Philippine Theatre
Copyright 1994
Cultural Center of the Philippines

Palabas: Essays on Philippine Theatre History
by Doreen G. Fernandez
Copyright 1996
Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press


Philippine Theatre in English
by Doreen G. Fernandez

Dulaan: An Essay on Philippine Theatre
by Nicanor G. Tiongson
Copyright 1989
Published by Cultural Center of the Philippines

Theatre Networking in Luzon
by Ricamela Saturay Palis

Theatre Networking in Mindanao
by Nestor Horfilla

A Note On Recto's Play: A Retrospective on Philippine Literature in Spanish
by Nick Joaquín


Rod Garcia
"Hacienda, the musical" copyright 1995
     2 hrs. musical; cast: 15 + crowd; 1986 EDSA

Remé Grefalda
"30 December 1896" copyright 1997
     90 mins. drama; cast: 10; GenX meets Rizal.
"Oyang Dapitana" copyright 1997
     15 mins. dramatic reading; cast 4; Rizal in Dapitan
"Dear Inay/Dear Anak" copyright 1998
     15 mins. dramatic reading; cast 4; domestic violence
"Milkshake's Bad for You" copyright 1998
     45 minutes; one act; cast: 2; generation gap
"In the Matter of Willie Grayson" copyright 2000 (Palanca Awardee)
     2 hrs. 3-acts; cast: 10 + crowd scenes. US Phil war

Nestor Horfilla
"Bakwit" copyright 1990
     45 minutes comedy; one act; cast: 2; life in the evacuation
"Asin sa Katawhan" copyright 1990
     30 minutes drama; one act; cast: 4; BCC leaders face
"Belalakaw su Gabon" copyright 1990;
     45 minutes drama; one act; cast: 5; contradictions faced
     by a Moro woman in contemporary society
"Siak sa Duha ka Damgo" copyright 1992; with Arnel Mardoquio
     1 hour, 30 minutes musical comedy; 3 acts; cast: 8;
     three families in search of gold
"Lem'afeu sa Habagatan" copyright 1992
     45 minutes dance drama; one act; cast: 12; a tribal village
     defends itself from an evil visitor

Don Pagusara
"Bungkatol Ha Bulawan" copyright 1992
     1 hr. dance drama; 2 acts; cast: 8-12
"Yutang Saad" copyright 1993
     45 minutes musicale; 1 act; cast: 12; Mindanao in
     post-Japanese era
"Mindasilang" copyright 1999
     1 hr. 15 min. musicale; 3 acts; cast: 12-15; tri-people stories
     and peace in Mindanao

Yolanda Palis
"Where Peace Begins" copyright 2001
     40 mins. drama; cast: 5 or 8; September 11 aftermath.

Ralph Peña
"Flipzoid" copyright 1998
     2 hrs. drama; cast 4; cultural & generational issues

Fe Remotigue
"Lawig Balanghai" copyright 1987
     1 hr. 30 min. dance drama; 3 acts; 30 or more cast;
     based on an archaeological find in Butuan. Conflicts of
     16th century colonial takeover vs. resistance by
     indigenous people; innovative use of ethnographic and
     historical chronicles.
"Sinalimba" copyright 1986
     1 hr. 30 min. dance drama; 3 acts; 10 or more cast; folk tales
     transformed into a unique theatre piece depicting Mt. Apo
     indiginous communities; fusion of indigenous traditions
     within a "Western" theatre format set off the impetus for
     a movement towards cultural identity.
"Tres Amigos" copyright 1985
     45 minutes drama; 1 act; cast of 3; depicting controversial
     aspects of "being" Christian.
Usa Ra ka Pakigbisog, copyright 1979
     1 hr. multi-media; 1 act; cast of 10 or more; A narrative
     of Philippine history on the peopling of Mindanao,
     the incursions, the struggles, and the call for unity.

Alfred Yuson
"Luto, Linis, Laba" copyright 2000 (Palanca Awardee)
     2 hrs. 3-act; cast 12-15; domestics travail


National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

Cultural Center of the Philippines





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