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Bayan Ko (My Country). Original Tagalog Lyrics by Jose Corazon de Jesus. Melody by Constancio de Guzman. 1928.

The fervent nationalist sentiments of poet Jose Corazon de Jesus as protest against U.S. colonialism was to be picked up by latter-day activists to express the Filipino people's longing for freedom under the Marcos dictatorship. (Source: National Commission for Culture and the Arts)

Kundiman (Love Songs). Original Tagalog Lyrics by Patricio Mariano. Melody by Bonifacio Abdon. 1929.

Opening with the words "Sa tapat ng laging palangiting araw" (Beneath the ever-smiling sun...) the song depicts the piteous plight of the Motherland and pleading for its freedom. (Source: National Commission for Culture and the Arts)

Kundiman ni Rizal. Compositions by Jose P. Rizal. Musical Arrangement by Raul Sunico. © 1997 Tawid Publications, Quezon City.

A limited edition commemorative volume of the Centennial of the Philippine Revolution of 1896 – 1898, featuring a five-piano arrangement by Raul Sunico, of the three songs whose lyrics and / or music are by Dr. Jose Rizal; Kundiman ni Rizal, Sa Aking Mga Kabata, and Sa Magandang Silangan; cover artwork by Manuel D. Baldemor; book design by Ige Ramos.

Mga Awit ng Himagsikan by Evelyn Cabanban. Musical Arrangement by Raul Sunico. © 1997 Tawid Publications, Quezon City.

A historic collection of folksongs and kundiman written during the late 1800’s; featuring the Philippine Madrigal Singers on chorus and Raul M. Sunico on solo piano.

Philippine Treasures
Angelo Favis © 2002 VGo Recordings, Inc., California.

The roots & culture of Filipino folksongs and Spanish-influenced serenades, soulfully interpreted on classical guitar for a universal audience.

Volume 2 is now available at http://www.vgorecordings.com /CDs/VG1006.HTM

Dalagang Pilipina. Ruben Tagalog. © Villar Records, California.

Immortal Kundiman of the Philippines. Conching Rosal. © Villar Records, California.

Kundiman. Ric Manrique Jr. © Villar Records, California.

Pista. Mabuhay Singers.
© Villar Records, California.

Sa Kabukiran. Sylvia La Torre. © Villar Records, California.

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