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Hardcover: 321 pages
Publisher: New Issues (WI)
Publication Date: March 2006
Cover Design: John Kapenga
Language: English
ISBN: 1-930974-58-2
List Price: $26.00

AWP Award Series in the Novel
Judge: Elizabeth McCracken

In One Tribe, the death of Isabel Manalo’s unborn child stirs wide spread speculation in her small Midwestern suburb.

Fed up with the noise of local tsismosas (gossips), she moves to Virginia Beach to teach myth and history to Filipino American youth.

Isa Manalo walks into the chaos of drive by shootings, beauty pageants, and community politicking.

At every turn she runs up against youth gangs who distrust her, community elders who disapprove of her loose outsider ways, and a Filipino boyfriend who accuses her of acting too white. Eventually Isa fights back. As Hurricane Emilia brews at the edge of the east coast, Isa opens her house to a local girl gang and nourishes their troubled spirits, instigating change sudden as the shift of tropical winds.

M. Evelina Galang is also the author of Her Wild American Self, a collection of short fiction. Galang is the editor of Screaming Monkeys: Critiques of Asian American Images, which won ForeWord Magazine’s Gold Book of the Year Award for 2003. Galang teaches in the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Miami.

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One Tribe
by M. Evelina Galang

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