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“Philippine food is organic because it exists in the Philippines, not merely in the imagination of a particular chef or breed of chefs. Real people cook it and eat it and call it their own … And so it was that I came to enter the portals of Cendrillon (the restaurant in question) and to discover a tangy, hearty cuisine that is a marriage of Spain and the Orient, or, as an old Philippine hand described it to me later, ‘like Asian food cooked by Puerto Ricans.’ Fusion, yes, but one arranged by history…"
—Tunku Vandarajan, The Wall Street Journal, “The Weekend Journal”

Owners of the popular New York City restaurant Cendrillon, Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan, have dedicated years to tracing the native traditions and outside influences on the food of the Philippines. In this book.they present the results of that research, documenting family recipes from throughout the Philippines, capturing and preserving traditional cooking methods, and presenting Romy’s acclaimed versions of Filipino food. While other Asian countries established a formal cuisine through palace kitchens that trained chefs and passed cooking techniques and traditions intact from one generation to the next, the essence of Filipino cuisine lies in the simple kitchens of Filipino homes. In providing the book’s narrative, Amy Besa (who Peter Kaminsky has called “the heart and the soul of New York’s Asian food community”) traces the history of this Filipino home cooking, from native dishes (“Food That Was Always Ours”) to dishes that show the influence of the Chinese, the Spanish and Mexicans, and the Americans (“Food that Was Borrowed and Made Our Own”), with her recollections of growing up in the Philippines interspersed throughout.

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Memories of Philippine Kitchens:
Stories and Recipes from Far and Near

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