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There is sparse information on Filipino-American demographics. For sheer numbers, try the cold lead figures in the Census. There is no existing reportage, analysis or survey of Filipino American communities. This is not a definitive study but it is a first. It is an attempt to map out and profile Filipino American communities as they relate to cultural stewardship and how it influences the growth of performing arts and how this cultural growth enhances community development.

The report is divided into 4 parts: a highlighted summary of the growth and direction of Filipino American performing arts and recommendations for the future; theoretical and historical contexts of Filipino American performing arts; a profile and analysis of youth involvement in the university event called Philippine Cultural Nights (PCNs) in California universities; and finally a sweeping study of immigrant communities, how and why they are formed, from social clubs, regional clubs to unifying movements with the mission of empowerment for Filipino American communities. The section highlights reasons for cultural / religious traditions Filipinos choose to sustain while abroad, and the spreading power of family-oriented activities in spawning heritage classes, language schools, dance groups and the ubiquitous rondallas.

Included in this 150-page study are profiles of selected communities, lists of cultural groups, annual festivals and Filipino community centers in various cities. (ngr)

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Towards a Cultural Community:
Identity, Education and Stewardship in Filipino American Performing Arts

by Remé Grefalda, Lucy Burns, Anna Alves and Theodore Gonzalves

Understanding Mindanao Conflict
by Patricio P. Diaz

Not Home, But Here:
Writing from the Filipino Diaspora

edited by Luisa Igloria

The Right Place and Other Stories
by Rodney Dakita Garcia

Escape to Manila: From Nazi Tyranny
to Japanese Terror

by Frank Ephraim

A Watch in the Night
by Denis Murphy

Lakas and the Manilatown Fish
by Anthony D. Robles

Gravities of Center
by Barbara J. Pulmano Reyes

by Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz
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