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by Various Authors
Copyright 2002
Published by Sorsogon Heritage Society


Eugenia Duran Apostol

QUITE OFTEN, worthwhile human achievements are inspired by the stirrings of memory. Ideas for self-fulfillment are conceived for a need to remember a vigorous past on which to anchor a tenuous present.

It was with this sentiments that on 10 March 2001, a group of writers, artists, journalists, and researchers formed the Sorsogon Heritage Society, a cultural research association, with the purpose of conducting studies on the history, literature, and oral traditions of Sorsogon.

The intention was to establish a data pool of the historical past of Sorsogon and retrieve the oral traditions and written literature of our province.

To know one's origin and to record and preserve the past of one's society are perhaps the most edifying yearnings of a human being. Knowing our past leads us to define ourselves in the present—which is really a journey toward self-knowledge.

This is a knowledge we hope to share with the youth of our community, for they can only know what they truly are by knowing what their forebears were. In such a way, and through no other, can our society engender a desire in our youth to identify with our origin and be of better use to their community.

The Society marks a first gathering of Sorsogon writers, researchers, journalists, professors, and artists, sharing a journey toward a definition and articulation of our cultural identity as Sorsogueños.

It has embarked on the task of historical and ethnographic recording of Sorsogon culture that reveals us as a distinct and special community.

In order to publish and make available the data from our research and retrireview (retri*e*v*a*l) efforts, we are publishing a journal, called Sarabihón, which means "lore".

Through Sarabihón, we can work toward a clearer and more definitive history of our province. We can record all anthropological data before they are irretrievably lost due to population movement and the overlay of modern social influences on our indigenous cultural base.

We trust that Sarabihón will encompass the best fruits of the Society's work and help to nurture our cultural heritage.

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