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This volume of poetry is "an epistolary collection of innovative poetry…the culmination of three years of collaborative work on projects ranging from poetic inquiries to community fundraisers." TRI / VIA explores sexuality and gender, authorship and textual interchange, while challenging traditional forms and definitions of poetry.

The pages are rich with jarring thoughts, images and juxtapositions. The poems take the shape of aphorisms, letters, multiple choice exams, and definitions from a dictionary, and yet…are none of these things. The last piece in TRI / VIA is a one-sentence poem that suggests a variety of forms that a poem might be clothed in:

Without forcing a definition of poetry, the sentence above seems to have fleshed out what Archibald MacLeish said in closing "Ars Poetica:"

"A poem should not mean
But be."

For more information on TRI / VIA, see www.publush.com.

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