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Poet's Picturebook
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poet's picturebook
Poet's Picturebook

. . . the only truth is that we must defeat our ignorance and defend ourselves from deceit . . . .
Marne I. Kilates

This is a little literary ezine. Easy to miss among the many blaring blogspots on the 'Net, but it was hard to resist an invitation from the poet, Marne Kilates who wondered if we would include his site among our links.

Your wish, Marne, is our command.

The wonder of cyberspace is in the existence of small havens, some hidden universe of quiet thoughts made to sparkle when read. That sense of wonder includes our surprise discovery. I envy insomniacs because they slosh through time and cyberspace and in their enforced patience stumble upon the jewel. So I share with readers the wonder of this poet's picturebook combining breathtaking photographs with the clarity of carefully chosen words. I speak of the prose because poetry fills its pages.

Kilates' eye for photography and digital art elevates his little ezine far above the notch of the usual blog of banter and blare. His inclusion of poetry by others and his own translations of Bikol poems invite the reader to pursue his archived issues for more of the same. There are 18 issues to date. No mean feat!

To say more would rob you of your own perusal. It was a journey for me, a true and refreshing haven away from so-called priorities that drain the spirit.

© Remé Grefalda

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Poet's Picturebook poetry art photography notes

by Remé Grefalda
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