1. The Peace and the Dollar
2. A Legacy of Hunger
3. On the Verge of New Conquest
4. The Heart's Transformative Power
5. Was Jesus a Practical Economist?
6. Filipino Regiments Formed Here
7. Laws of Affinity
8. Cultural Invasion of the Philippines
9. If I Were President (First Prize, Manila Times Essay contest)
10. Hollywood Revisited

1. Buddha's wife
2. Judas and Magdalene
3. The Magellan Play
4. The Clowns of God
5. The Crested Skylarks
6. The Song of Songs
7. Marital Row Sub Martial Law
8. The Six Jars

1. Remembering Carlos Bulosan (His heart affair with America), New Day, 1984. (Book)
2. God Is In The Heart: poetical and symbolical essays, New Day, 1982. (Book)
3. Filipino Life (Honorable mention for biography, 1940 Commonwealth Literary Awards)
4. The Ant That Got A Heart (fable novel)
5. O Friend, Listen (prose poems)
6. The Invisible Heart (philosophical essay)
7. Siddhartha's Wife (novel)
8. A Dialogue With Luke (commentary story)
9. The Poet of Bethlehem (non-fiction)
10. One to Another (Award-winning poem, University of the Philippines)

Reprinted from Heritage magazine, Vol. III, No. 1, March 1989.

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