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Sadhana Buxani, Documentary Photographer

Philippine labor
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Sadhana Buxani
the photographer

Born and bred in Cotabato City, Nana Buxani studied at the Ateneo de Davao University before moving to Manila in the early 1990s.

Both a documentary photographer and filmmaker, Sadhana Buxani a.k.a. Nana Buxani shoots images of grim social realities in the Philippines— child labor, women in difficult situations, children in detention, the homeless, crossfire communities, indigenous peoples, hard labor, urban poor communities, among others.

Buxani has done assignments for local and international magazines such as Time Magazine (Asia Edition), the Chronicle of Philantrophy and Higher Education, Interviu Magazine (Spain), Il Venerdi ( Italy), Marie Claire, London, Newsbreak (Philippines), I Magazine (PCIJ, Philippines), ME Magazine (Philippines).  She has also done work for OXFAM-UK, the International Labour Organization particularly for the International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), VSO-UK, UNICEF, Save the Children Organizations, the Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Program, under the European Union Cooperation in the Philippines, The Consuelo Algers Foundation, Amnesty International UK, Christian Aid, PHILCOCHED (an NGO working on issues of people with disabilities).

Buxani, who currently shoots for Bloomberg, is noted for her collaboration with award-winning documentary filmmaker Ditsi Carolino, both as co-director and photographer.  Of note are Minsan Lang Sila Bata (Children Only Once), which won the Grand Award at the 1999 New York Film and Television Festivals, the 1999 UNESCO Silver Prize, and the Grand Award Toutes Categories a the 1998 Bruxelles Internationale du Film Independent.

Buxani has also assisted in the photoshoots of Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, documentary photographer Sebastiao Salgado and other foreign and international media organizations.

A grantee of the Asian Cultural Council based in New York, Buxani exhibited at The Aftermath Project Auction, a group show auction for the benefit of photographers documenting the aftermath of wars) in New York in 2006.  She is currently wrapping up a 100-photograph exhibit in Denmark for a Danish trade union.  She gives us a peek of the exhibit in this very short OOV photo series.

Her websites:
www.reduxpictures.com (archives)

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Sadhana Buxani,
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