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Bert Monterona, Social Realism Multi-media Artist

Unity in Diversity
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Bert Monterona
the artist

Bert Monterano is originally from Iligan City. Philippines. He was the Regional Coordinator of the Visual Arts Committee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and founder and program director of the Mindanao Alternative Centre for Visual Arts, Inc. He now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his family, and is the artist in residence of Leigh Square Community Arts village, City of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

Monterona’s works are processes of "examining the future and rediscovering the past to build the present;” linking cultures, places, times and events in an attempt to find the balance between the conveniences of modernism and the wisdom of indigenous living. Using tapestries as canvas, Monterona uses both brush and bamboo sticks to combine dye, textile paint and acrylic, producing “a rich overlay of multifarious motifs, such as cloud scallops, triangles of mountain ranges, radiating forms of landmarks and landscape contours, wild plants and vines, flowing rivers,” and human figures, portraying the celebration of life and human diversity, indigenous myths and rituals.

Monterona's art transfers to various media that include illustrations, paintings, murals, sculptures, installations, and production design for stage and television. He makes time for workshops in art and art therapy sessions and his activism is evident in the various causes he supports. As a muralist, he has done large canvases depicting child rights, women’s issues, social justice, global warming, multiculturalism, racism, environmental protection and peace building.

Visit his website: www.bertmonterona.com

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Bert Monterona,
Social Realism
Multi-media Artist

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