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Florida Impressions

Florida Impressions
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Here the sun is grey in summer when ash from burning forests meet the noonday sun in the beaches.

Here impatience is a three-person queue at the cashier.

Here heavy traffic is a blissful non-stop slow coast-along.

Here there are no sounds of laughter or squeals from children in neighborhood streets.

Here the beautiful sound of rain is a quiet muffle behind glass windows.

Here the weather report is 50% of the news.

Here patches of earth with grass and a few trees is a park.

Here life is a soft breeze—almost perfect to all senses.

But nothing is more joyful and comforting than news from Home.

(Geej Langlois is OOV's web designer and creative director—originally based in Davao City, Philippines—who recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida.)

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