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We had some discussion among the staff as to whether or not we ought to continue issues of the ezine, that is. It's a fair question. The dialogue became an occasion to air out the Unasked: What exactly did we get ourselves into and for how long do we go on?

You see, dear readers, the staff and I have noticed that OUR OWN VOICE today has a life of its own. We, at the helm, only steer. Make no mistake—we are mere conduits for a life force out there that insists on being born, issue after issue. If we faltered tomorrow, there will be others who will pick up and run with Our Own Voice because its time is NOW.

This ezine is no longer just ours. This venue in the Diaspora now belongs to all: Every reader in exile, all readers of color inspired by its beginnings, poetry lovers who found its direction energizing, children's literature enthusiasts, ethnic literature seekers, historians, even the unbelieving academician of letters.

And of course, there is you. You, who patiently surfed during a particularly sleepless night in search of . . . what's this? . . . and when you turned off the PC, you said, I can do that. And the next day, you claimed the space and said, Me too, I want to share what I've kept all this time. Accept my contribution, my brick to build this wall.

From cyberspace, writers also came together to join a chorus of voices in Undersong, as a testament to possibilities of solidarity. No mean feat considering the individualistic mindset in our society.

This 14th issue is for you: all the music we can offer. From kundiman composers, past and future, to troubadours who traveled to make our culture known, to the jazz devotees who shared their music for generations to cherish: FILIPINOS ALL!

To those who contributed their "music pieces" to this issue, we say "bravo and thank you". This issue also acknowledges the widow and family of Wilfrido D. Nolledo who generously offered us his short story Harana, Miradelfina Lumpas of the UP Staff Chorale for introducing us to composer, Gerry M. de Leon, and vice versa and Josepepe Gotera for bringing to our attention a poem by cultural activist and musical icon, Joey Ayala.

We also acknowledge the literary figures no longer in our midst: We sing an elegy in our hearts to Nick Joaquin (1917-2004), a literary icon too soon gone. He, whose dogged efforts to climb literary heights, provided more than camaraderie and guidance to writers. His resilient example molded them, gave them reason to Become.

We remain with you, more committed than ever, dear readers. Please join us in saying adieu to our favorite friend and co-conspirator, Nadine Sarreal, who has, through the years, given her all to the ezine; who wrapped us in the security blanket of her warmth and humor; and who never dropped the ball when we panicked over deadlines and missing bios. She is shedding the role of associate editor to take on that of "fairy godmother" to OUR OWN VOICE, providing encouragement and more, minus the wear and tear.

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
July 2004

is pleased to announce a call for
nominees for the

The Editorial Board wishes to honor authors, agents and publishers of BOOKS by Filipino authors from around the world, published in 2003.

1. CATEGORIES: Poetry, Fiction, Children's literature and Nonfiction PUBLISHED anywhere in the world.

2. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: October 12, 2004.

Awardees will be announced in the December 2004 issue of OUR OWN VOICE.

3. AWARDEES will receive:

—A Plaque Citation
—A Copy of OUR OWN VOICE Literary & Arts Journal (The Print Version)
—Awardees will also receive a copy of [PinoyPoetics, edited by Nick Carbo and published by Meritage Press, 2004].

4. TO QUALIFY: Books published in 2003 by a Filipino Author may be nominated by authors, agents, publishers and booksellers. Members of OOV editorial staff and names appearing in the OOV masthead are barred from entering their works for nomination.

5. REQUIREMENT & ENTRY FEE: Send TWO COPIES of the nominated book with a $10 entry fee to:

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
2001 North Adams Street
Suite 320
Arlington, VA 22201

6. A COVER LETTER must accompany the TWO copies of the nominated book indicating enclosure of the entry fee. The following information is required:

—author's name
—book title
—copyright date
—publication date
—email address (for us to acknowledge receipt of material sent)

7. DEADLINE REINFORCED: Nominated Books if sent by
postal service must be postmarked NO LATER THAN OCT. 12, 2004. FEDEX, DHL and other express service will be accepted if delivered to meet the deadline.

8. Nominations are INVALIDATED if not accompanied by a cover letter and / or the entry fee

9. Material sent to OOV will not be returned.

10. Please send inquiries to our_own_voice@yahoo.com with the subject line: GFL BOOK AWARD.

We would appreciate dissemination of this Call for Nominations for The 2004 Global Filipino Literary Awards to different listserves.


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