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CAMP 1942 and the Rest of my Life by Susan Yamamura
Camp 1942 and the Rest of My Life by Susan Yamamura
SFJ Publishing, Tucson, 2014

This memoir is about growing up behind a barbed-wire community at the age of two. Author Susan Yamamura, now a retired computer systems & network administrator, has had enough time procrastinating with memories, trying to forget about scenes of families being herded in buses to Camp Harmony and on trains to Camp Minidoka. Timeline: World War II, 1942. Executive Order 9066: The President of the United States orders the evacuation and incarceration of Japanese Americans. Where forth now the American dream?

“This is the story off how those American dreams were fulfilled. . . . This book was written as a tribute to the author’s grandparents, parents and husband, and as a gift of family history for many descendants of those proud adventurous family members who came as immigrants to America from Japan.” (Back bookcover)

About the author:

Susan Yamamura is retired. She makes her home in Tucson, Arizona where she enjoys being a day artist and a water colorist. She is now intent on putting down more of her memories on the written page.