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Edited by Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier, Gerald G. Gubatan & Gregory Villanueva Book design by Amy Inouye, Future Studio Los Angeles ISBN: 13 978-1494306953, 2013 Available in

Welcome Reader

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  By Friday afternoon, my husband and I, crazy Californians that we are, heaved a sigh of relief. We achieved what we traveled 5,371 miles for – which was to collect a box of especially printed books from the Natural History Museum in London. At 22 kilos, the box was

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  Where is authentic leadership these days? Is a generation growing up in apathy, resigned with the concept of leaders being tagged in the same thought pattern as “manipulative,” “self-serving” and “corrupt”? And is leadership merely the continuing pursuit of profit power? Idealism is not only dead. it is impractical.

Blood Orange

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By Angela Narciso Torres Published by Aquarius Press, Detroit, Michigan (September 2013) Willow Books Literature Awards Grand Prize Winner in Poetry The person who finds his homeland sweet is still a tender beginner; she to whom every soil is as her native one is already strong; but she is perfect


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By Ivy Alvarez Published by Seren Books, Wales, UK (October 2013) Disturbance is a novel in verse by Ivy Alvarez that chronicles a multiple homicide, a tragic case of domestic violence, where a family was gunned down by the husband and father. The book features poems in a kaleidoscope of

Drone Poems

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by Allan Popa ADMU Press, 2013 In Allan Popa’s new book of poems, spiritual destitution becomes both arena and event—a holding pattern of questions, riddles, rumors, signs, and visions haunted by answers and revelations that may never arrive. In this space-time of the yet-to-come, the book’s speakers pray and cry

Insatiable Longing: Luisita Lopez Torregrosa’s Before the Rain

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A REVIEW by Michael Caylo-Baradi Before The Rain: A Memoir of Love and Revolution (2012) by Luisita Lopez Torregrosa ISBN: 9780547669205 Red tropical flowers appear to bloom against a black background, on the book’s cover. The colors resist convergence, and seem harmonious in this resistance, which underlines two elements in

A Real Sister Stella L

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by Elizabeth Lolarga Editor’s Note:The following was submitted by Judy Francia Reyes: a review of  the book The Party’s Over: A Nun for Modern Times, a memoir written by the late Sister Myrna Francia, published by the Sister Myrna Francia Memorial Inc. to help fund scholarships for poor, deserving students

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