The Cave and the Bell

10 Sep No Comments Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto Issue 45, Short story

By Kathleen Joaquin Burkhalter We brought our daughter to the beach last summer. We placed her on a blanket under the glorious sun and watched her skin turn golden brown. Her complexion was redolent of mangoes and papayas and the soft sweetness of young coconuts newly taken from the tree.

The Devoured

10 Jul No Comments Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto Issue 45, Short story

by Alex Purugganan Dedicated to the memory of Gregory Biggs Marcario’s clairvoyant great aunt, Lola Tunay, told him at a very young age that an animal would take his life. He was going to fall prey to an unknown beast. She was plump and her hair smelled of vinegar, and

A Guttersnipe

10 Jul No Comments Remé Antonia Grefalda Issue 45, Short story

by Pira Sudham (from It is the People of Thailand and Other Countries) Editors Note: Permission to reprint is given by the author. OOV wishes to thank Pira Sudham for his generosity in offering a free download of “A Guttersnipe” for our 45th issue. Sighting the bill-collector, Mother herded us

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