23 Mar No Comments Geejay Books, Issue 42

by Allan Popa
ADMU Press, 2013

Drone Poems by Allan Popa

In Allan Popa’s new book of poems, spiritual destitution becomes both arena and event—a holding pattern of questions, riddles, rumors, signs, and visions haunted by answers and revelations that may never arrive. In this space-time of the yet-to-come, the book’s speakers pray and cry out if only to hear their voices sent back by the void as emblems of presence and the very possibility of ascension and arrival. In this world of waiting, thresholds and hiding places are everywhere transgressed and inhabited. Surfaces, landscapes, and skins bear the violence of being marked, hollowed out, and lived through. These are the figures and voices that rise up in the shadow of the Cross, of an oppressive regime, or of a cruel and profane Other. Strife and ecstasy exchange vows as Spirit and telos torment the fugitive here-and-now. (Jose Perez Beduya)