14 Sep No Comments Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto Books, Issue 45

Kali's blade
Kali’s Blade by Michele Bautista
Meritage Press, 2006

“This particular school of Kali, Kamatuuran School of Kalijin, goes beyond the dojo and really has given me a framework to both be and live artistry. I’m able to bridge to other experiences and knowledge whether at work or writing or performance. People presume that to be so dedicated to a martial art makes me a violent person, but contrary to that, it forces me to seek out peace. The philosophy in the school also has allowed me to break down bias and presumptions. I live on a continuum that sees the benefits and weaknesses of different extremes and allows me to become a chameleon.” —OOV interview with Author [See OOV 45 Portrait]

From the Publisher:

This unique collection is a mixture of poetry, prose, and collaborations that brings martial arts to the page, creating a tapestry that attempts to capture this elusive spirit known as Kali. Kali’s Blade is like walking the edge of a knife between reality and myth, strength and frailty, the physical being and the written body. As Bautista writes in, “How to Battle a Wind Goddess,” the only real way to win is to inhale her, for “where she became my flesh / I became the wind goddess.”