29 Jun No Comments Geejay Issue 43, Short Stories

by Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier

A very crucial short story

Mama calling me by my three-tiered name.  I knew my life was about to be over.

“HALA!!!”  with a threatening look. I tense up, eye glancing at the front door. Unlocked. Relief!

“Yes, Mama –” I freeze.

“[several untranslatable invectives spew out] … HINDI …!” Hand raised and about to strike –

I duck! Grab the door handle and pause. . .

“[more high pitched gutteral sounds] &^%%^$#@ puuuuuuu….ang…ni ni nana nang da Alamo!!!”

RUN, feets, run!  Half way down the block –

Mama in pursuit.

The End

© Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier