17 Jul No Comments Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto Issue 45, Poems

by Alma Anonas-Carpio

I have lit the flame.
I summon thee, call out thy name,
Hold you, lay my claim.

Transcend memory,
Traverse this path of coldest stone.
Break me, make me whole.

Stand with me, please take
My hand and raise me to the dais.
Don’t let me touch land.

Summon me to you.
The dead can call the living too.
Call me and I’ll come.

Come to me, sweeting.
Surround me with velvet chanting.
My name, your voice: Sing.

You must come home
So my arms are full once more,
So my heart is freed.

Oh, if only, if only.
If onlies could be. Oh me, oh,
Then, for sure, they’d be.

I lay a hard wish
Upon the softest young leaf-buds:
Bring him back to me.

Your scent, your smile, eyes,
Undying embers in moonrise.
Bind me in your cries.

White candle and salt.
Pricked thumbs and welling, thick, hot blood.
Weave of dreams, heart-dark.

Someday, someday, I
Will find our forever in you.
Come, spirit, I fear you not.

Come, love, take me now.
I summon you with sole focus.
I summon with soul.

Come, spirit, enter my flesh.
Know my heart, explore every path
That leads back to you.

I hold the flame
Until the burning turns sublime.
We are one again.

Alma Anonas-Carpio has been described as a “Journalist, poet, erotica writer, AM radio show host and a damn good cook…” She is more than just the Associate Editor of Philippine Graphics Magazine, she also wears a number of hats attesting to her skills and experience in the newsroom.