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A World with Two Faces, a play by Sheila Noreen Lopez


- A fairy
- A monster that who does not want to kill
- Counseling tree
- Father of Aufait
- Monster townsfolk
- Monster townsfolk
- Monster townsfolk
- Fairy friend of Aldenta
- Fairy friend of Aldenta
- Father of Aldenta

Scene 1 - BY THE RIVER


I am a tree amidst a magic land
Where fairies live upon the forest's hand
A world with two faces apart
I silently watch with a burdened heart

The kingdom of beauty and the kingdom of dread
I stand between them by the riverbed
At daytime I see the fairies
Sing and bathe with the water lilies
But at night they rush to their hives
Hiding away for their dear lives
For in the dark lurks the horror
Of the beings of great terror
They prey on the flesh of other beasts
And caught fairies mean a hearty feast
Each passing day I witness this
Oh woe is am I, and my present bliss.


Oh dear! Oh my! How could this be?
My foot is caught in this darned old tree.
Night is coming and now I fear
A bitter end for me is near.

Psst! Be quiet! I will help you.
But promise to do what I tell you to.

Who is it that speaks from behind that tree?
And why does a stranger want to help me?

The savages are coming. There is no time.
Close your eyes and you will be fine.

(Closes her eyes)
My life is in your hands kind sir.
A fairy is indebted to the one who helps her.
If you don't wish for me to see you
At least your name I wish I knew.

(Frees Aldenta)
My name is Aufait pretty one
And I'd be watching you from now on
But for now you must leave at once
go Go now while there's still the chance

(Aufait hides behind the tree. Aldenta opens her eyes and runs home.)


(Picks up Aufait. Very Angry.)
I saw what you did foolish one!
I'd kill you myself if you weren't my son!
You freed the prey from my trap
She was right there on your lap!

(Drops Aufait.)

You let your people Suffer Aufait!

Let him Perish Ibidem!

Send him away!

He is still my flesh and blood
He's young, a fickle lad
But still a debt is upon your hand (to Aufait)
I will send you over to fairyland
If you could bring a fairy home for dinner
You would no longer be a sinner.

I shall prepare the stew

Another feast, a fairy menu!

You will have the biggest share Aufait

A feast in your honor, what do you say?

Only if he passes the test
Until then, get out you pest. (To Aufait)
Don't come back without our meal
You're not my son till you learn to kill.

(Walks away)
Banished from home, here I am
Thinking twice on an evil scam
How could I show myself at daylight?
Ugly as I am, it can't be right.
(Sits on Denovo's roots)

Scene 2 - FAIRY LAND

Saved by a stranger you say?

I hope to meet him one day.

Lycra, Avive you're always teasing.
My heart is too young for loving
He didn't want me to look at him
Maybe he isn't what he seems

He maybe may be a God with tempting gold
With a sight, you'll have riches to hold.
(Dancing around Aldenta)

He could be the so-called cupid
One look and you'll fall in love stupid!

Aldenta has a hero, a love that's true
A saviour that comes from out of the blue


He saved you once; he'll save you twice
No love can hide behind those eyes

What is this love behind whose eyes?

Oh my goodness! Look how fast time flies. (Walks away)

My king, your daughter shall be the one to speak
because Because all of a sudden I seem to feel sick. (Walks away too)

No one leaves unless I hear
The real reason for all that cheer

(Gulps) The time has come she's in love
With a stranger we know not of

We teased her. That's all. We're innocent
I guess love comes truly heaven sent

Foolishness! Foolishness! Both of you go!
My daughter has more to let me know.

(Avive and Lycra leaves)

I really haven't seen him father
But I was in trouble and he was there
He's like no one I've known before
Like a knight in shining Armour
Like an angel, like a ghost
I don't know, my eyes were closed.

If true is the help he brought
I see nothing to be of thought
But for you to love him should not happen
And I don't want you to meet him again
Very soon when the time is right
I will take you to the prince of light
You will marry him and be happy
For he is of a noble family.

(Sobs secretly)
I need advice from the wise old tree
My life is planned ahead of me.


Forever away from that savage land
Free from pain and heavy hands
Never can I kill another man
Maybe I can live on uprooted yam

(Enters and sits on the other side of the tree)
Please wise old tree, speak to me
I'd rather die in pain and secrecy
Than to be married to the Prince of light
I do not love him, it can't be right.

It is my fairy that speaks from behind?

Is it you? My hero. So kind.

Leave while you can. Night is falling
From this distance I can hear their growling.
Go now go! I beg you, I plead!
My love I don't want to see you bleed.

Love? You love me?

I...I do. I do love thee.

I guess it is better this way, to die.
Than forever for my heart to cry.

Aldenta. Close your eyes. I see them.
I'll keep you safe, my precious gem.

My eyes may sin, but they do not lie
I want to see you before I die

(Hesitates then shows himself to Aldenta)
This is I whom you trusted.

It is you, my beloved.

(Aufait pulled pulls her by the hand and runs)

(Lights fade in. Morning)


Your tribe will hate you forever.

They never cared at all. Never.
I'd prefer to go in exile, that they hate me
Than to be the monster they want me to be.

I wish I could take you home with me
But my father would never agree.

If only the spell would be broken
Then we'd be happy once again.

I heard of the spell upon your tribe
Done by the witch of Mount Escibe
I heard the cure is quite simple
Get a twig from the tree of counsel.

Yes. But the tree is nowhere to be found
To be like this, I'm forever bound.

There is a secret left untold
That the person should have and hold
To be able to find the tree you need
It could be a trait. It could be a deed.

Whatever it is it doesn't matter now.

We need not ask anymore of where or how
As long as I have you with me.

As long as there is you and me.
I love you Aldenta. I promise forever.

Aufait, I shall not love another.
I swear to be with you always

We'll be together all our days.

Forever hiding from our families.

I never thought it could be like this.

Oh where is that darn counseling tree
Please, oh please hear me! Help me!

I hear you need help from me
A twig from a counseling tree
Since the wish is good and pure
In his hands I place the cure. (Aufait faints)
Because of your love that is kind
Your love that's true, a love that's blind
You have broken the spell. He is free
No need to thank this darned old tree.
When he awakes from his slumber
The curse would be over
And since the forest is one at last
This states the end of my task.
(Smiles and closes his eyes)

Dear tree, all this time it was you
You'll be missed. I wish you knew
Aufait, the time you awake I await
We'll both enter my kingdom's gate
And to my father I will show
The meaning of true happiness I know.

And to my father, I bring my bride
You. My love, stand by my side.
We shall start anew, a world of peace
I always dreamed it to be like this.

(They embrace and walk out of the stage)

The End

—(Written August 11, 1994 for SUPERVOICE music & theater foundation)

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