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Flat Finish
by Tita Lacambra-Ayala


How closely we have
            come to
resemble each other—
our heads of hair
curling at the ends
anger at uncorrected
            injustices and
a paradoxical indifference
            to disaster
in other people’s lives
shrugging—serves them
their high and mighty ways
slinging communism for
all the dirty words
tricks meant only
            for dogs—
the ingratitude of cats—
the filthy rats—

as if accusation, invective
can stay the ravages of time

deepening lines in the face
either from sorrow or
            trying to forget

not wanting

Each excavation
            too much to bear

that when you bring to me
            the year’s gift
just one more trophy
            for godliness
kept on the sideboard
a bottle of white wine
wine no longer drowns
            the senses
nor a night’s likeable death
but speaks a sense of self
a little bit longer until
it matters no longer

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