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photo by Geejay Arriola

Together we pushed ourselves to be better. We were fearless. We took care of each other like sisters. Even though my friendship with her evolved to a long distance relationship in the Spring of 1987 we made a pact to never lose touch. We didn’t need much to tell our life’s story just happy face doodles and I’s dotted with hearts.
—Ingrid Gonzales-Padilla

Coming from a family of artists, community leaders, and educators, it’s no surprise that Dr. Ingrid Gonzales has always found herself drawn to ideas and service.  Her immigrant experience and multicultural upbringing has helped her see the importance of quality schools, opportunity, and thriving communities. Her academic research and professional pursuits revolve around the interrelatedness of these three areas and core values. Her interests include the following: school and community partnerships, organizational and leadership development, multicultural education, Asian American Studies, and student retention in higher education.  She is blissfully married to her college sweetheart and resides in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

Oldest woman in Batanes Lola Florestida Estrella and her friend
in the oldest stone house in Ivana, Batanes, Philippines.
Photo by Geejay Arriola

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