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Ta Phrom by Rei Ki Mudjahid

. . . the core planning group of women
with the vision, skills, and dedication
to turn a small corner of the Sonoma State University into a sacred place where FilAms and Filipinos could blink away the grime
of not quite fitting in anywhere, could
shed the cloak of nearly-passing-in-order-to-survive, and raise their open palms
to the sky to say Tao Po! I am
a human being, as I am now, as I was,
as my ancestors were, as we all shall be...
—Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor received her BA in Humanities from Washington State University in 1998 and her MA degree in English with honors from Western Washington University in 2003 for her thesis “Notes from the Margins,” a mixed work of memoir and fiction. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in the Byline Magazine, Katipunan Literary Magazine and the online magazine Haruah. In Spring 2008, her piece "Becoming a Woman of Color" was the First Place Winner in the Writing it Real Personal Essay Contest hosted by Sheila Bender. Her short story "Yellow is for Luck" appears in Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults, edited by Cecilia Brainard, an anthology for young adults. Currently, she is a senior editor at a non-profit scientific publisher. She performs regularly as a storyteller, and her blog Binding Wor(l)ds Together can be found at wordbinder.blogspot.com

At Ta Prohm temple grounds, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Photo by Rei Ki Mudjahid.

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