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photo by Gauss Obenza

Babaylan work is contemplative and
action-oriented---it heals, guides,
gives courage, strengthens, clarifies, incites, calms, supports, makes whole, brings balance/justice,
creates interconnection and allows
for growth and expansion for Filipinos
so that they may live in a level of
freedom that allows them to come to know their Loob and come closer to realizing their highest human potential.
—Perla Paredes Daly

Perla Paredes Daly has a background in graphic and web design (www.bagyoperla.com), in Yoga teaching (RYT200) and in Reiki. Today, she goes "undercover" as a senior art director for a financial firm but the rest of her life is dedicated to her family & home, and to the babaylan spirit. In her spare time she conducts monthly women's meditation circles for the Seekers of Feminine Wisdom in Austin, TX.  Perla has been an activist and multimedia artist who has collaborated with artists, healers and activists around the world in digital collage, poetry, photography, painting, online communities & publications.

Talaandig tribe women elders at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
during the Adindanao: Festival of Mindanao arts at the CCP.
Photo by Gauss Obenza.


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