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Dear Readers,

All of us here at Our Own Voice have summer traveling to do and as Fate would have it, both editors were traipsing to attend June graduation rites and attempting serious research and meditation-leaving only the webweaver to read their minds. Thank goodness, one of them remembered her way home to her PC!

Most of the material that made it past Remé and Geejay's critical eyes are related to the performing arts. Before Nadine left for vacation, she asked "Why Performing Arts?" Does this lead you, dear reader, to conclude that there are those of us who masquerade as ezine honchos slumped over our PCs, but in reality we are designing and plotting the next theatre production? Well, you and Nadine concluded correctly.

We introduce in this issue the latest additions to the staff. Eileen Tabios, multi-awarded poet and poetry editor of Screaming Monkeys, has joined us as Contributing Editor for the Arts. Victoria Paz Cruz, noted editor from PWU/DIWA, arrives in the nick of time to assist us in the grunge work of editing, tweaking and proofing; as well as keeping both the webweaver and the editor FREE from "tarantation" (from the root word taranta; all those who agree, say... The AYEs have it!). Welcome, Eileen and Vicky!

We start off with a brief compilation of theatre groups in the United States and those in the Philippines. Aptly named Theatre Scenes, this section provides a bird's-eye view of the current state of Filipino theater globally. What is interesting to note is that many of the highlighted organizations share similar roots to the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), implying that it has succeeded in sharing its vision of educational activist theatre. Not bad for an organization that is now nearing four decades of existence (1967-2002)!

Also in this issue, Eileen Tabios introduces us to artist Stephanie Syjuco with images from her current exhibit (courtesy of Haines Gallery}. We are always delighted to welcome two new writers: Jerry Grandea and Emmy Batulan, poets. As an addition to our collection of Tales Warmed Over, Thrice Told, we feature a reprint of a folk legend in Hiligaynon authored by Evee Huervana. Evee founded the Ilonggo Literature website (www.ilonggoliterature.com) and is its editor.

Lastly, we bring to you a dramatic adaptation of a short story, Duck's Egg by Timmie Wilson. The original story appeared in our December 2001 issue (Click ARCHIVES). It was adapted by Remé Grefalda (How many helmets does this person wear?) to launch P.A.L.M's Philippine American Short Stories (Giraffe, 1997).

If this isn't rich fare, this isn't just yoghurt either!

HAPPY READING from THE STAFF who languished behind.

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