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Nothing is Sound
by Miguel Angelo M. Pascual
in A Treat of 100 Short Stories edited by Gerardo Z. Torres
Recipient, 2012 Global Filipino Literary Award for Fiction

Reading by Paul Cassinetto and Cecilia Ibardaloza

written and read by Eileen R. Tabios

We met at an angle
Waves recede as secondary acts
I did not expect an antique mirror
A thought might be fleeting but still scar
Efficiencies leave invisible wakes

Some mornings offer surcease with the tinkling of high piano notes—they thread their way through my veins—make me arch my back as my cats do when they pause to look with disdain—

—when my reflection is snagged, you see, I am drawn only to how startled I am—around the bend looms something big and bright—in the scent of wet earth, the clinging of dark leaves, the sound of fireflies mating, the thinly slivered moon, there had been no premonition—

for such blinding light

[Poem forthcoming in Eileen R. Tabios' 2014 poetry book, Reproductions of the Lost Flag: Sculptures]

written and read by Geejay Langlois

i dare not touch the sky
with my hand
yet you caress me with
simple words
of glory untarnished
by the toil of time.

what senses you awaken:
a feather lost in space
caught at my fingertips,
a rock falling from nowhere
to land in the vessel
of my undertones.

you sing to my memory
of cradles rocking
and foxes dancing
with the Prince of de Saint-Exupery;
a freshness as grand
as a thousand bells
ringing soft joys;
a worship pure
as mangoes dropping,
rolling on the roof
of my after-time.

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